Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's Political Ponderable

Is winning the Presidential election as simple as this:

The funnier candidate wins?

2004. Bush funnier than Kerry.
2000. Bush funnier than Gore (v. 2.000).
1996. Clinton funnier than Dole.
1992. Clinton funnier than Bush.
1988. No award given.
1984. Reagan funnier than Mondale.
1980. Reagan funnier than Carter.
1976. No award given.
1972. McGovern, least funny candidate in sixty years?
1968. Humphrey, second least funny candidate in sixty years?
1964. Johnson funnier than Goldwater.
1960. Kennedy funnier than Nixon.

Funny = "more human" = "more relatable."

Keep an eye on the zinger war.


Lisa Colton said...

Could you substitute "more casual" for funnier and would it still be true?

Sood said...

Sure, or "looser" or "guy you want to have a beer with." Probably also "better looking"?