Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seattle Sports Fans and Democrats

The top ten similarities:

1. You never seem to win in the playoffs (but you do really well during the regular season.)

2. You're accused of being too nice and lacking a killer instinct.

3. You suffer from extreme media bias against you.

4. The Superbowl XL refs were clearly working for the Ohio Secretary of State in 2004, and Katherine Harris in 2000.

5. You feel like your team is always playing not to lose.

6. Mike Holmgren runs on 3rd and 12 about as effectively as Democrats run attack ads.

7. Your biggest hero turns out to be kind of a douche.

8. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth screw you over.

9. You hate your former players with a dark, eternal thirst for revenge that can never be slaked.

10. You've had your heart broken too many times.

1 comment:

Grabthar said...

Just like the Minnesota Vikings!