Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Barack 101

There are only a few more weeks of voter registration in most states.

That means, by the beginning of October, the entire universe of voters will be set. That's it. No more.

What this means is: once October begins, there are only two ways for Obama to increase his support:
  1. Persuading undecided voters and converting wavering Republican voters.
  2. Making sure that every single voter who supports Obama votes on election day.

As November draws closer, I'll talk more about about the way to make sure everyone votes. But for now, the focus has to be on persuasion.

The Obama campaign will be focused on persuasion through their advertising, debate performance and their attempts to control their message through the media. This is the effort that will be coming from the top, down to the people. This is what all of your donations are financing.

However, there is an even bigger and more important persuasion effort raging right now. Every single Obama supporter in the country is a surrogate for the campaign.

You are trying to convert your friends, or your sister-in-law in a swing state, or a friend at work that may be listening to a little too much conservative AM radio.

The only way this is going to work is if everyone contributes to this effort non-stop for the next 49 days.

The only way we are going to be effective surrogates for the campaign is if we can frame the issues effectively and confidently make the clear distinctions with John McCain and his policies.

The only way to do that is to be informed.

Welcome to Barack 101.

Every one of you has an assignment this week. Mandatory. No exceptions.

You must read this Daily Kos diary.

You can print it out and read it. But then you must read it online. And you must click on at least a few of the links.

Bookmark it. Go back to it. You don't have to cram Palin-style, but make yourself as familiar with the details as possible.

Your final exam will be November 4th.

The good news is that it's Pass/Fail.

The bad news is that it will not be offered again.

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