Monday, September 22, 2008

Do Not Pass Go

Remember during the primaries when various Clinton surrogates, having lost any chance of beating Obama amongst pledged delegates, kept trying to change how the score should be kept: it's delegates! No, it's superdelegates! No, it's big states! No, it's popular votes! No, it's electoral votes!

Well, it's a few months late, but I finally found a new metric by which she would have unquestionably won.

On a Monopoly board, the combined value of the states that Hillary won (New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana & Pennsylvania) is $1140 -- far dwarfing the $920 value of Obama's holdings (Connecticut, Vermont, Virginia, Illinois & North Carolina).

The general election looks more favorable for Obama who is leading $980 to McCain's $400 with $680 (Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina) too close to call.

However, don't forget to add the cost of Barack Obama's 1 house on Illinois (cost $150) and John McCain's 1 house in Virginia (cost $100) and 7 houses on Boardwalk and Park Place (total cost $1400).

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