Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The best moment of the night

I have to be honest, the whole thing still hasn't quite sunk in for me. But in the height of yesterday's craziness, the campaign asked us to make 5,000 emergency calls to New Hampshire in one hour before the polls closed.

In that melee, I saw a guy waiting around who had no cellphone. Without thinking, I handed him my iPhone and told him to get calling.

I completely lost track of him over the next hour and a half, which started to stress me out.

I eventually did find him and he returned my phone intact. (And yes, I did check to see how many calls he made. 64 calls in 2 hours. Man, the Obama campaign is good.)

Then, about two hours later, after McCain conceded and Obama was about to give his speech, I got a call from a strange number--and I picked up.

The woman's voice on the other end of the line said: "Hello, California?"


"This is Iowa. We want to thank you for everything you guys did for us!"

The floor cheered.

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greg said...

Very cool story. It was an amazing night and a tremendous effort by you westcoasters to get us across the finish line in so many different states. My one sadness is the local outcome in California on 8. I hope someone can point me to a silver lining on that because right now it is just sadness.