Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forget Lipstick, Now The Pig Actually Has Wings

The McCain folks are overplaying their hand.

Bullish on their new momentum and energy, and feeling that Sarah Palin has completely innoculated herself from any sort of press scrutiny, the McCain camp has doubled down on flagrantly thumbing their nose at the media factchecks on the countless misstatements and out-and-out lies from their candidates.

It has gotten so bad that even Mark Halperin--the man who gladly claims "Drudge rules our world" and whose predilection for the most scurrilous and tawdry of the freakshow news story is topped only by his own desire for self promotion--actually attacked the media for their ridiculous, McCain-driven coverage.

This has to be seen to be believed.
But I think this is a low point in the day and one of the low days of our collective coverage of this campaign. To spend even a minute on this expression, I think, is amazing and outrageous.

He continues:

No. It's another thing that, again, I'm embarrassed about our profession for. She should be held more accountable for that. The "bridge to nowhere" thing is outrageous. And if you press them on it, they'll fall because they know they can't defend what they're saying. They're staying it on the stump as a core part of their message, it's in their advertising.

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